What Savings Can LED Lighting Give Me?

LED lighting will save you money on your energy bill compared to traditional lighting.  To get an accurate view of this saving see our guide below the savings estimator.

Simply enter your values in the top five boxes and hit the button to get your estimated energy cost save.

How many bulbs are you thinking of replacing?
What Wattage are the bulbs?
What Wattage are the LED bulbs you're considering?
How many hours are they used per day?
What does your electricity cost per KWh ()?


Cost per month with traditional bulbs ()

Cost per month with LED bulbs ()

Estimated Energy Savings per month ()

Calculations are based on a 28 day month.

The calculator is intended to give an indication of potential savings.

Accurate savings values can only be calculated when exact values
of existing and proposed lamps, hours of use per day and energy costs are used.

How Do I Work Out An Accurate Estimate Of The Savings I Can Make Changing To LED Lights?

Firstly this isn't as difficult as you might imagine.

If you are like most of us you have a variety of lights throughout your home or premises and they will all be used for varying amounts of time each day. In fact, the time they are used will vary day to day depending on the time of year.

Just follow these steps and you will arrive at a pretty good estimate of what you can expect to save by changing over to LED lights from your existing lighting.

  1. Identify which rooms you will be changing to LED lights
  2. List for each room the number and type of each light is currently used in it
  3. Identify the LED you will be using to replace each of the above lights
  4. Estimate the number of hours each of the lights is in use each day for the summer months and the winter months then take the average.
  5. Use the calculator above to work out the saving for the light of the same type in each room
  6. Add up the individual savings from above
Now you have a much more accurate view of the savings you can expect to achieve on your energy costs.

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